Finally You Are Here-Chaeng held the grand 60th Anniversary Celebration Activity

News Date:2018-10-30

 At 9:30 on October 29th, accompanied by deafening firecrackers and passionate drums performance, Xinxiang Great Wall Machinery Co., Ltd. held the grand 60th Anniversary Celebration Activity in Xinxiang Great Wall factory, the theme of the celebration is “60 Years of Craftsmanship, Centenary Dreams of CHAENG”.


More than 400 guests attended the celebration, including Guo Shupei, secretary of the Huixian Municipal Party Committee and other local leaders, Kong Xiangzhong, executive vice president of China Cement Association, Zhang Libo, president of China Foundry Association, and other industry representatives, such as Fan Haitao, chairman of Meng Electric Group, and China Cement Network, China Building Materials News and so on.



After solemnly introducing the guests, the documentary film named “60 Years of Craftsmanship, Centenary Dreams of CHAENG” was broadcasted on the spot. And the film shows the 60 years’ development history of Xinxiang Great Wall. At the same time, all the guests reviewed the development history together. From the initial single kiln grinding equipment manufacturer to the grinding system integrated services provider, Xinxiang Great Wall has been continuously innovating, transforming and developing.


 Then, Wang Jizhong, the chairman of Xinxiang Great Wall, delivered a warm speech which reviewed the development of Xinxiang Great Wall in the past 60 years. In his speech, he said that looking back to the past 60 years, Xinxiang Great Wall experienced four historical stages, including hard working, going ahead difficultly, making great efforts vigorously and going to leapfrog forward significantly. After 60 years’ hard working, Xinxiang Great Wall has ushered in a new starting point of “Centenary Dreams of CHAENG” which we have been ready to go. Standing at the new cross-over node, Xinxiang Great Wall will fully open the new journey of higher quality development of “Centenary Dreams of CHAENG”, realize a new great leap, and finally reach the victory of “making a strong country dream”.


Guo Shupei, secretary of the Huixian Municipal Party Committee, on behalf of the CPC Huixian Municipal Committee and the Huixian Municipal People's Government, expressed warm congratulations to the Xinxiang Great Wall. He pointed out that, in the past 60 years, with hardly working and going ahead bravely, Xinxiang Great Wall has created a great-leap-forward development legend of diversified township and village enterprises. All of these have made outstanding contributions to the economic development and social progress of Huixian. He encouraged the Xinxiang Great Wall to firmly grasp the development trend, seize the commanding heights, enhance competitiveness, be a good leader, do not forget the initial heart, continue to move forward, inherit the spirit of “60 Years of Craftsmanship”, and build the “Centenary Dreams of CHAENG”!


Kong Xiangzhong, executive vice president of China Cement Association, expressed warm congratulations to Xinxiang Great Wall. In his speech, he said that in the past 60 years, Xinxiang Great Wall has made positive contributions to the development of China's building materials and equipment technology. And at the time, China Cement Association will, as always, create great environment and conditions to support the development of the Xinxiang Great Wall, so that it will become a world-renowned building materials and equipment enterprise early.


Zhang Libo, president of China Foundry Association, delivered a speech. He said that Xinxiang Great Wall is in the forefront of the industry in terms of product quality, occupational health and safety, and environmental management. It is a veritable pioneer and role model for the foundry industry. It is hoped that the Xinxiang Great Wall will be able to stand on a new starting point, foster stronger international competitiveness, shoulder the mission and responsibility entrusted by history, and let the "Xinxiang Great Wall" scream in the world foundry industry.


Fan Haitao, Chairman of Henan Meng Electric Group, made a speech as a representative of domestic customers. On behalf of Meng Electric Group, he expressed warm congratulations to the 60th anniversary of Great Wall Machinery! Many of the “first” of Great Wall Machinery were put into operation at Meng Electric Group. 80% of Meng Electric Group large-scale kilns and grinding mills came from the Great Wall. For many years, the equipment operated smoothly and the energy-saving effect was remarkable, which created good benefits for Meng Electric Group. What Meng Electric Group gives Xinxiang Great Wall is trust, and what Meng Electric Group gets from Xinxiang Great Wall is satisfaction and reassurance. In the long-term cooperation, Meng Electric Group and Xinxiang Great Wall will continue to make progress together and work together to achieve mutual benefits and common development.


Cao Yuebin, chairman of Hebei Aosin Iron and Steel Group, made a speech. He said that the EPC slag production line constructed by Xinxiang Great Wall can fully meet the production demands, save energy and reduce consumption, and meet the national environmental protection needs. I sincerely hope that the 60th Anniversary Celebration of Xinxiang Great Wall will be a complete success!


The president Roger Beman, our customer from US, expressed his heartfelt wishes for the 60th anniversary of Xinxiang Great Wall! He pointed out that the product quality of Xinxiang Great Wall can meet their production requirements and hopes to carry out more close cooperation in the future!

Next, a strategic cooperation signing ceremony was held. Eight domestic and foreign well-known enterprises signed strategic cooperation agreements with Xinxiang Great Wall, including Hebei Aosen Iron and Steel Group, Henan Meng Electric Group Cement Co., Ltd., Ninggang Ziheng Building Materials Technology Co., Ltd. of Hangzhou Iron and Steel Group, Hongde Group Guangxi Huayan Mineral Source Materials Co., Ltd., South Korea Pohang Group, American Umicore (Beijing) Heavy Machinery, American business customers and Mexican customers. Secretary Guo Shupei, President Kong Xiangzhong and President Zhang Libo witnessed the signing ceremony together. This strategic cooperation signing ceremony indicates the formation of a long-term strategic partnership between the contracted enterprise and Xinxiang Great Wall.


Subsequently, the Great Wall Education Fund donation ceremony was held. In the future, Xinxiang Great Wall will continue to pay attention to the development of education, actively participate in public welfare undertakings, and fulfill social responsibilities.


At the end of the ceremony, the guests attending the ceremony visited the corporate exhibition hall with the theme of “Jizhi Ingenuity, 100 Old City” and relived the 60 years of hard work of Xinxiang Great Wall.


At 14:30 pm, Xinxiang Great Wall “2018 Industrial Waste Recycling Technology Utilization Conference” was held in Xinyuan City, Kaiyuan Mingdu Hotel. Kong Xiangzhong, executive vice president of China Cement Association, updated by China’s slag king, Beijing University of Science and Technology Professor Ni Wen and many other industry experts gathered to share new technologies and advanced experience in the resource utilization of industrial waste such as slag and steel slag. This is not only the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Xinxiang Great Wall, but also a technical exchange event.

Today, Xinxiang Great Wall is full of friends and friends, and more than 400 guests present witnessed the hardship and glory of the 60th anniversary of Xinxiang Great Wall. Standing at the new starting point of the 60th anniversary, Xinxiang Great Wall will open a new journey to create a 100-year-old enterprise of the new township Great Wall, and write a new chapter in development.

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