5000 t/d Cement Production Line of Deng Electric Group Cement Co., Ltd.

News Date:2015-09-14

Project Overview:

Project company: Deng Electric Group Cement Co., Ltd

Project address: Zhongyue Street, Dengfeng, Zhenghzou City, Henan Province

Contracting mode: general contracting—turnkey project

Main engine:GRMR53.41 raw material vertical roller mill

Production capacity: 5000t/d cement

Project Configuration

1. GRMR53.41 raw material vertical roller mill

As the measured data in the production of material shows, compared with traditional ball mills, the vertical roller mill can save electricity by more than 30% when producing one ton raw meal. The energy-saving effect is very significant. The liner of millstone and roller are surfaced with Boehler solder wire imported from Germany, having the characteristics of ultra-strong wear resistance, corrosion resistance and heat resistance, reducing the operating costs and prolonging the life time.5000 Cement Production Line of Deng Electric Group Cement Co., Ltd.jpg

2.Φ4.8*72m rotary kiln

Through technology innovation, the calcination system of rotary kiln adopts the most advanced hydraulic gear wheel device at home and abroad, and adopts metering plunger pump with high measuring accuracy, high-precision flow speed control valve, contact graphite block sealing device and other domestic advanced technologies. It is easy to operate and its performance is reliable. The thermal regulation being stabilized and the operation rate being improved, compared with equipment with the same specifications, the operation rate increases by 10%, yield by 5%-10%, heat rate reduces by 15%.

3.Φ3.8*9.5m wind swept coal ball mill

Easy to operate, safe to use, stable and reliable performance; running continually, the production capacity is great.

Project Analysis

Located in Dengfeng City, Henan Province, Deng Electric Group Cement Co., Ltd has always been committed to technology innovation and pursues excellence continuously. From March, 2010, it began to transform the special cement production line and introduced the production line of Great Wall Machinery, which produces 5000t high-quality cement per day.

Through over one-year transformation and progress, each index of products of Deng Electric Group Cement Co., Ltd is superior to national standard and passes the test of National Cement Quality Supervision and Inspection Center. After being launched on the market, the products are well-received by customers and has brought about good social benefits and economic benefits.

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