The Great Wall cast steel slag pots has passed the acceptance test and was sent to the South Branch

News Date:2018-08-18

Recently, the three slag pots cast and processed by Great Wall Cast Steel for the Mittal Steel Group South Africa Branch,and they had passed the acceptance test and were sent to South Africa.

In 2016, Mittal Steel Group South Africa began to cooperate with Great Wall Cast Steel to sign two slag pot ordering contracts. In June 2017, the representative of the South Branch of Mittal Steel Group came to the Great Wall Cast Steel to check the slag pot, which was very satisfied with the quality of the slag pot, and they signed a slag pot order contract with Great Wall Cast Steel. Recently, all three slag tanks were cast and processed, and passed the acceptance test and sent to South Africa.

slag pots

Great Wall Cast Steel focuses on slag pot production for 10 years and we has a strong technical team to provide customized solutions for customers:

Before production, conduct technical exchanges with customers and formulate specific production plans for slag tanks;

steel casted slag pot

In the production process, from the mold opening, molding, pouring, testing and other processes are strictly controlled, the pursuit of 100% quality;

Regular training of first-line operators to ensure stable production quality of slag pots.

The excellent slag pot quality of Great Wall Cast Steel has won the good reputation of customers and has been recognized and praised by more and more international customers.

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