450,000 tons of slag powder line project was built by chaeng which was successfully put into operati

News Date:2018-08-18

In September 2017, the Guangdong customer of the cooperation signed a contract with chaeng to produce a production line of 450,000 tons of slag powder line. The project was officially launched on January 18, 2018, and was completed and put into production on July 19, 2018. It passed the customer acceptance in early August.

slag powder grinding plant

The annual production capacity of 450,000 tons of ore powder line adopts chaeng GRMS40.21 slag vertical grinding, energy saving and environmental protection. After commissioning, the ore powder line runs smoothly, with a production capacity of 75t and a specific surface area of 420m2/kg, which meets the customer's expectations.

slag grinding mill process

With advanced technology and perfect service, chaeng has a number of production lines with an annual output of 300,000 tons, 450,000 tons and 600,000 tons of slag production line. The customer feedback is good. You are welcome to make an appointment at any time!

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