Advantages of steel slag vertical grinding mill system

News Date:2018-08-20

Steel slag is the waste residue generated by decarburization, dephosphorization and desulfurization of iron extracted from blast furnace during steel making. Steel slag powder can be used as cement mixed material, which can save clinker, achieve high quality cement target, improve long-term strength, and which has good performance and compatibility with concrete admixture.

With the emergence of various new high-efficiency grinding equipment, especially the vertical mill, the high-efficiency and low-cost preparation of steel slag powder has become a reality, which can provide cement and concrete production enterprises with steel slag powder with appropriate fineness and good activity.

Advantages of using vertical mill to grind steel slag:

1. Steel slag vertical grinding can stabilize grinding steel slag;

2. The power consumption is significantly lower than the ball milling system;

3. The vertical grinding system is used for the production of steel slag powder, and the fineness adjustment of the product is very convenient. According to the market and customers' needs, we can produce products with different fineness;

4. The optimization of the iron selection process of the vertical grinding system also increases the amount of metal iron selected and improves the overall economic and environmental benefits of the system.

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