Vertical mill grinding table,grinding roller,rocker arm

News Date:2020-03-03

Vertical mill grinding table


Weight :10-40 t

Material :ZG30Mn

Application equipment :cement vertical mill, slag vertical mill, coal vertical mill, etc

Grinding Table

The grinding table consists of housing, liner, pressure block, retention ring, scraper plate, wind ring, wind guide board and so on.The primary function of the grinding table is to support the material bed and transfer the force of the grinding roller to the lower speed reducer. It also transmits the torque of the reducer to the grinding area.The grinding table forms a circular chamber with the wind tunnel, and the wind flows from this circular chamber to the grinding area through the ventilation ring.

Vertical mill grinding roller

Material :ZG30Mn

Weight :10-40 t

Application :vertical mill

Grinding roller

As a key part of the vertical roller  mill, it is easy for grinding roller to cause severe wear during the long grinding process because of the complex composition of the raw material which often contains some hard impurities such as stone and iron.

Vertical mill rocker arm

Weight :10-20 t

Material :ZG270-500, ZG30SiMnMo

Application equipment :Cement vertical mill, grinding mill, coal grinding mill, etc

Vertical mill rocker arm

Processing requirements :according to the drawing

he rocker arm is one of the core parts of the vertical roller mill, and its main task is to transfer the pressure of the hydraulic cylinder to the grinding roller to make it become the grinding force of the feed bed.

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