Two installation points of ball mill liner

News Date:2020-04-10

Installation of lining plate of ball mill equipment: the first is to clean the oil dirt inside the barrel when installing the lining plate of large ball mill. The second is to ensure that the clearance during the installation of the lining plate of the large-scale ball mill equipment is not more than 16mm. Fix the screw of the lining plate, carefully pad the sealing packing and washer to prevent the leakage of mineral powder. If there is no sealing washer, wrap two rings of cotton cord or hemp with lead oil at the corresponding position.
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During installation, a layer (1:2) of cement mortar should be applied to the inner wall of the cylinder, and screwed before screwing.
Whether it is large, medium or small ball mill equipment, it must be installed under the guidance of the technical personnel of the ball mill manufacturer.
The foundation of large ball mill equipment must not have obvious inclination and sinking. If there is a little sinking, it should be balanced and horizontal, otherwise it cannot be installed. The foundation and low plane of this type of mill should have sufficient height to supply the replacement of lining plate and grinding media. The design of the foundation can be carried out with reference to the basic drawing of the large ball mill equipment, but it cannot be used directly as the basic construction drawing.

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